August 20, 2012

An RV Work in Progress

I'm designing a wall hanging for our new RV which is chock-full of wood and mirrors. The dominant colors are tan, brown, grey and black. I really love color so I want to add it! There isn't a lot of obvious wall space in the RV but I'll start with the areas that are obvious.

This is the location where 
I'll put the wall hanging.
It's 12-3/4" wide and 32" long.

Right now, these are some of the 
materials I'm working with but
 it's always subject to change!

We're taking my sister Jeanne on an RV trip to Galveston on Wednesday. She's visiting from Indiana! I would like to finish this by then but I doubt that will happen.  

Tootles All,

August 14, 2012

Handy Dandy Journal Page

Remember this journal page 
from a couple posts back?

I'm calling it done!
It looks like this now.
I created it in my 11" x 17" journal.

I was not liking it so I tore it out of the journal and added glitter circles. Then, I sewed down ribbon and mizuhiki using a zigzag machine stitch. I like it much more now!

Tootles All and Have a Happy, Creative Day!

August 5, 2012

A First Art Quilt

My sister Sue has been visiting from Indiana with her 10-year old granddaughter Lexus. When Lexus saw my studio, she wanted to make something so I helped her make an art quilt.

We picked out fabrics, cut, and fused.
She has never done any sewing before 
so I showed her how to sew on my machine. 
She took off with it and did a great job!

She sewed all the zigzag stitches around the 
butterfly and to close the edges of the quilt!
She also did the orange trails below 
the butterfly using a decorative stitch.

She named it Colorful Donna 
because I helped her with it. 
How sweet!
I loved every minute of it, 
and she did too, especially the sewing.
Even my sister Sue enjoyed the process. Perhaps they'll take a likin' to it sometime in the future and pursue it. It sure would be nice to have some family interested in art quilting even if they do live all the way up in Indiana. 
Or interested in art journaling. 
Or mixed media. 
Or, or, or!

Tootles All,