My Studio

(Formerly know as our garage!)

Note: This page will be updated soon because a couple of changes have been made to the room--the desk was moved to another room and the Ikea storage cabinets took the desk's place. The desk has been somewhat depressed about it but is starting to recover! Hee-hee. 

 Sewing Area

Ribbons and threads and hoops, oh my!
Fat quarters too!

Ironing table in the foreground with a 
table for mixed media behind it 
and some storage shelves.

A view of it all.

Another mixed media area 
where I usually paint.

Ikea cabinets for storage.
Left cabinet = mixed media supplies 
Right cabinet = quilting supplies

A full view and with 
Mr. Chewy walking through

In the above pic, to the right of the storage cabinets, you can see the utility room where I have access to a utility sink. Very handy! 

To the right of that door is a desk, 
computer and other desky stuff.
Daisy is relaxing on the floor. 
Sadly, Daisy crossed the rainbow bridge.

Looking back behind the desk.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.

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