January 5, 2018

Day 2~Further Embellished

I previously posted the Day 2 project, Ms. Bird's Eye View, which was taught by Tina Walker but after sleeping on it, I decided that Ms. Bird's Eye needed further embellishment. 

This is the "Before" Ms. Bird's Eye.

This is the "After."
She's been adorned with yarn feathers 
and a yarn necklace which made her so 
jubilant that she added another "Chirp!"

Here's her close up.
She relishes in the attention!
I'm not thrilled with the background 
but I'm very pleased with Ms. Bird's Eye.

I love couching STUFF down, especially yarns.
This was too much fun!

Day 3 is done as well, and I'll post it very soon.

Chirp! Chirp! Chirp!


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