July 6, 2017

Teresa Cash & Me

My blogland friend, Artist, Teresa Cash, was in need of smile photos for a project she was working on, aptly named The Smile Project. 

The project is about honoring the value and importance of a smile. Of course, since my other blog is titled "Smiles For Many Miles," you might know that Teresa and I are on the same page--smiles have value and are quite important!

I contributed this pic.

This is the drawing she created from it! 
I think she did a fabulous job, don't you? 
Thank you Teresa!

Her blog states that she's still looking to draw more smiles so if you'd like to send her a pic here's the link: 

Teresa also paints some really cool stuff so there's a good chance you might find some fun eye candy while you're there. I love her work!

I'm painting some odds and ends 
stuff so see ya soon.

Warm Blessings & Big Hugs,

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