July 15, 2017

Quilt Collector

Awhile back, my kind friend Faye 
gave me this cool sign photo. 
Thank you Faye.
I love it!
Since then, it's been on a shelf 
next to my sewing machine.
Recently, however,
I got a hankerin' to frame it.

So what do you do when 
you get a frame hankerin'?
Go for it!

I have a closet full of frames so I 
dug into it and came out with this one.
Did you notice how I gussied
up the frame pic above with the
shadow of me taking the pic?

Yeah, I planned that!

The frame needed some extra gussying up 
so I applied a coat of black acrylic paint.

it definitely needed more!

You'll have to trust me on that because I
forgot to take a photo of it in all it's dullness.
So dull!
So boring!
It made me yawn.

I was happy to quickly settle on 
painting stitches around the frame's edges
 to mimic the stitches in the text!

The painted stitches look like hand 
stitching which brings a smile to my face.
It makes me so happy that 
I would have a gigantic skip in my
step if I was standing up right now.

I decided to hang it above the 
peg board in my sewing studio
where I will admire it forevermore.
That is, unless we move, 
then I'll admire it somewhere else.
I apologize for the poor pic above.
Perhaps I was skipping when I took it.

Okay, I think I'll skip off now.
For real.
See ya soon.

Warm Blessings & Big Hugs,

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