March 26, 2017


My CREATIVE GET UP AND GO done got up and went! Perhaps I should file a police report. I'm not sure if it ran way or was kidnapped! All I know for sure is that it is missing! 

I thought blogging might be a good way to entice it to return so I looked around for something to blog about.

At first glance, I spotted this cute little vintage travel trailer hanging on one of my studio shelves. I bought it at Kirkland's to hang outside our RV but wanted to add a bit of us (hubby and I) to it. So far, I embellished it with the orange, polka dotted buttons but it needs more. The boring brown wheel definitely needs some life and some other areas could use spiffing up too. Perhaps our name should be on it somewhere as well.   

I will complete this in the near future.


Next, I saw these quilt patterns and directions laying on my table. I stumbled on them recently while cleaning out a drawer in the studio. 

 (Sorry the pic isn't better!)

The dogs on the top row are adorable Amy Bradley quilt blocks from the series "Dazzling Dogs." I purchased them at a quilt store closing sale many years ago. I really want to make that quilt but I must say it's not a priority right now. Maybe one day.

I've had the Quilters Angel pattern (bottom left) about as long as I've had the dog patterns! Next to that are "On the Road" mug rug directions which I printed off the Craftsy site not too long ago. Those need to be in the RV soon!  

The Hen House pattern was purchased at JoAnn's a few years back. I hope to hang it in the kitchen one day. The actual quilt--not the pattern--but throwing the pattern up there might be a start! 

The Dwellings pattern was purchased at the International Quilt Festival in Houston in 2015. I love it, and as much as I would like to make it soon, I don't see it happening. Nevertheless, maybe I can get to it before too long.

As a result of this post, I think that maybe, just maybe, my CREATIVE GET UP AND GO will be returning.  

always stay right where you want it!
(And if you see mine, please send it home.)


  1. Lol My creative juices do that sometimes too. Yours will return soon. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Right now it seems that time is moving faster than I am! Have a nice day! Nancy

  2. Thanks Nancy, and I know what you mean about time! If only it could stand still for awhile. D~~~~


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