January 10, 2017

Practice, Cactus and Canine Fellas

I've been practicing the Chunky Versals I recently learned in Martha Lever's online class.

Hubby's name
I need more practice!
If you don't think so, zoom in!

No matter what, this is great fun,
 and Martha is a joy to learn from! 
Created with Pencil, Sharpies, Twinkling H2O's and a Pitt Pen.


My friend Faye gave me this lovely 
Christmas Cactus in December 2015.

It wasn't blooming then.
But it is now!
I'd say it's a bloomin' beauty!
Wouldn't you?


These two fellas were in
trouble yesterday!
I forgot to put the trash up when I left.
Always enticing pork chop bones were inside.
Need I say more...


See you soon.

May Your Day Be Blessed With Creativity,

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  1. I think you did way bettervwith that lettering than i would have. It looked good even when i zoomed in. I had a Christmas cactus for quite a while before i eventually killed it. Those two cuties at the end are looking a little guilty.
    I was glad to see your comment onmyblog today. I always like getting new followers.


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