November 22, 2016

Table Love

I can't believe that it's been three months since I last posted but life has been happening and, unfortunately, creativity hasn't been a part of it. I am happy to say, however, that is changing!

For the moment, I wanted to share some delightful creativity with you. A new Chick-fil-A opened around the corner about five minutes from our house. 

"Yay," I say!

Aside from the tasty menu, the coolest farmhouse-style table rests in the midst of this wildly popular establishment.

It's a creamy white mixed with brown.

The texture felt smooth yet gently wavy 
when I brushed my hand across the top.

I am in love with this 
wonderfully-crafted delight!
The brown section wrapped around the 
corner of the table (just below the top) 
ihammered metal, an embellishment 
that adds to the charm.

The tag below is on both ends of the table.

In case you can't read it, it says:

This table was built by artisans from A Better Way Ministries. The materials used were salvaged from unwanted and abandoned homes. The hands that built it belong to a person who also once felt unwanted and abandoned. Love, compassion and grace are powerful tools.

You can click the link below 
to visit the ministry's site:

A Better Way Ministries

May your Thanksgiving table be blessed with family, love, and lots of good eats!