August 24, 2016

Done in the Nick of Time!

I started this table runner way back in the olden days, like maybe April or May. For some reason, or maybe many reasons, I haven't had much ambition to do anything creative since then but I think the times--they are a changin'!  

I'm not sure it'll stay on this 
table but it works for this pic.

I love the happy colors!
 It's the Barber Pole Table Runner pattern
which is on Craftsy and made by 

I simplified it by making 
straight edges whereas the pattern had 
each section in alternating lengths.  

I'm so happy that I got this spring/summer 
table runner done just in time for fall!
Now I can start on a fall table runner and 
hope to be finished before spring shows up.

Nah, I think I'll skip the table runner thing,
 and finish up some other UFOs instead.
Decision made!

Until Next Time,
May Your Days Be Happy and Bright,

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