February 8, 2016

Pillow Power

My dear friend, Faye, just had a birthday. A few weeks ago, she mentioned that she wanted to add a yellow pillow and some yellow and white daisies to her living room.

With that in mind, 
I made this pillow for her.
She loved it!
Mission accomplished.

I had a little leftover fabric and a 
travel pillow that needed a new 
pillowcase so I made one. 
Ms. Travel Pillow will be right at 
home in Wander Woman (our RV).

May your day be Blessed with Creativity
and more!

February 1, 2016

Chair Recovering~Another Before and After

See these chairs?

With the old, ugly, beat-up fabric?

They go with this table.
It's the worktable where I paint, etc.
They were long overdue for a makeover.

Here are the NEW and IMPROVED
chairs covered in a pretty batik.
They're vibrant and happy now.
The pictures don't do them justice!

Wonderful hubby did 95% of the work.  
He's awesome, don't you agree?
If I were to spill paint on them, it'd 
blend right in! Hopefully, I won't 
do any spilling though.
I love them!

May Your Day Be Blessed With Creativity!