January 11, 2016

Mixed Media Monday #1

For me, today is Mixed Media Monday! Please know that I am not vowing to post a mixed media piece every Monday in 2016. Instead, I thought I'd take a more light-hearted approach and see how many Mondays this year, I can post. 

What's the difference you ask? (I heard you!) Seeing how many Mondays I can post, keeps it fun because it removes any pressure that can be created by vowing to definitely do it. Does that make sense?  

I love snowmen and it's January 
so this is a fitting subject.
(liquid and pan watercolors, acrylic paint, 
dimensional paint, paper, glitter, Sharpies, 
Sakura pen, stamping, fabric and stitching)

 Snow can be quite peaceful, don't you think?

I just thought of a couple more 
things to add to this piece.

Here it is.
I like it!

May Your Day Be Colorful and Bright,

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