January 9, 2016

Handmade Gift Exchange

Two of my friends (Suzette & Faye), and I decided to exchange handmade gifts this year. I knew what I was going to make until Suzette posted a video of a casserole carrier on my FB page along with a note that read: "I want one of these!" Immediately, Faye chimed in "Me too." Okay, plan changed! I looked on YouTube and found this video with instructions and that was that.

I forgot to take pics before we exchanged gifts but Suzette and Faye were kind enough to take photos and text them to me. Thank you ladies!

This is the inside of Suzette's casserole carrier.
You can't tell but the fabric has 
a tad bit of sparkle in it.

The inside sparkle matches the outside fabric 
because the rims of the pretty glasses
are lined with a touch of silvery bling. 

A closer look at Suzette's two fabrics.
It's a colorful and appropriate design for her.

Suzette holding her casserole carrier.
It's not hooked up but you get the idea. 

The inside of Faye's carrier.
Similar color but no bling.

The outside--lots of cool 
tea bags cover the fabric.

A closer look at Faye's two fabrics.
Happy colors and a fitting design for her too.

Faye with her casserole carrier.
They were very happy with their casserole carriers which made me very happy too!

The day before we all got together, we learned that another friend, Cindi, would be able to join us. YAY!

Faye and Cindi were able to spend two nights here. Suzette was only able to stay the first night though.  :(  

Nevertheless, we all had a Holly Jolly time!

Thank you for the festive fun time, my friends!

May Your Day Be Colorful and Bright,

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