January 28, 2016

Before & After Studio

In my last post, I was beginning to sort through and re-arrange the studio. I'm pleased to say that the job is now complete.

Let's take a before and after tour.

The Sewing Corner

The two layers of tubs atop the left shelves are mostly full of yarn with the exception of a few. They need to be moved. All that fabric on the four shelves on the right will be moved as well. I'll show you where they end up later.
A closer look at the sewing corner

Sewing Corner
All the shelves were sorted through, and some 
items were relocated, others were tossed.

With the yarn relocated, this shelf 
mostly houses ribbon and fat quarters--mostly!
My wonderful hubby made this peg board so I could hang all of those embroidery hoops (and more). They have been begging for a home ever since I got my embroidery machine and now they have one. I heard them whisper a happy sigh when they were gently placed on their designated pegs!

Drawing and journaling corner.
Hubby extended the bottom two shelves 
so that the electronics could be moved
and for more space in general.

The electronics are directly under the TV now
and out of the way. There's a lot more space.

The painting area next to the door.

And the messy worktable!

The worktable was moved out from in front 
of the window, turned, and moved to the corner.
It's much cleaner too.
Take a good gander because it 
may not stay that way for long!

We moved these white shelves to the right to 
make room for the table on that corner wall. 
It made the entire area more spacious.
Oh, and that's sweet Chewy passing through!
The tubs of yarn I mentioned earlier 
are on top the white cabinets.

Inside the cabinets.
The paint & collage cabinet.
 That paint caddy on the 
second shelf has got to go!

The sewing cabinet.
The containers on the top shelves are out of 
there and so is everything on the second shelf!

Both cabinets.

I love the change!
The paint caddy (left) is gone and everything 
has been rearranged and pared down. 
The fabric I showed you earlier in the sewing area was moved to the top two shelves in the sewing cabinet (right). Those fabrics are all bigger than fat quarters. The containers that were on those shelves are now on top next to the yarn.

Finally, the desk.
There's no before and after 
because they look similar!

When I finished with getting the room together, 
I was still faced with this mess!
 This pile consists of unfinished projects, new projects and some completed projects. It all amounts to sewing, mending, sanding, painting, collaging, a little of everything.

Here's a broader view.
Some of the items in those plastic 
drawers should be in that pile!

I did get all that stuff sorted.
Here's the evidence--a clean sewing table!
 When I said the room was completed, I lied! 
Can you ever forgive me?
I do have to work on projects 
from the sewing table pile.
In addition, see the file cabinets 
below the sewing table?
They need to be cleaned out.
 So do these top two drawers below!
I'm in no rush to do the file cabinets and 
these drawers but I won't put it off too long.
These plastic drawers are going away too!

As you might imagine, I'm a happy woman! 

May Your Day Be Blessed with Creativity,

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