September 30, 2015

Apron Love

I took a class at Willetts Sew and Vac in McKinney to make this cute artisan apron. Fabric selection was a blast and so was the class!

It includes pockets for markers or pens, a phone, money, receipts, notes, etc., as well as a zipper pocket, a business card pocket, an underneath pocket accessible on either side, and two clips that can be used to attach other necessities.  The apron can be used for working an event or show as a vendor, hosting a garage sale, managing sewing and art supplies, keeping teaching tools close at hand, and lots more!

I love it!

I used a pattern from Molly Made which can be found on Craftsy here or on Etsy here.

Until Next Time, 
May Your Day Be Colorful and Bright,

September 10, 2015

Penelope Handbag

I recently took a class at Willett's Sew and Vac in McKinney, Texas to make this Penelope Handbag by Michelle Dorsey.

I didn't have time to shop for fabrics 
because I signed up at the last minute. 
Thankfully, I have a pretty good stash 
so I dug into it and used these batiks.

I have never sewn anything 
like this before so it was fun! 
I've mostly created art quilts in the past.

For a first handbag, this 
was probably not the easiest. 
Nevertheless, I enjoyed making it!

I really like it but 
I confess that I do not love it. 
It's much too serious for me! 

I prefer brighter, happier colors 
that evoke a bit of whimsy! 

Or a lot of whimsy

Perhaps I'll use it as a tote 
for carrying supplies to classes.
May Your Day Be Colorful and Bright!