May 23, 2015

Think Totem Pole!

See this thing?
Would you call it a beam?
Or a Pole?
It's in our living room.
Near our dining room.
And it's square.

Architecturally, I think it's more likely a beam. To be exact, I'm pretty sure it's a support beam because I often feel emotionally and financially secure when I'm around it. Good job support beam! Nevertheless, after giving this a good five minutes of hardly any thought, I've decided to call it a pole because it seems to fit perfectly with where I'm going here. 

Think totem pole!

According to Wikipedia, "Totem poles are monumental sculptures carved on poles, posts, or pillars with symbols or figures made from large trees, mostly western red cedar...". 

Our pole qualifies as a "post, pole or pillar," and even though we will not be carving any sculptures into it, it's apparent that underneath all those layers (and there are many) of fancy schmancy, semi-gloss paint and typical, boring drywall is part of a tree, probably not western red cedar, but let's not be picky here. With this in mind, it qualifies as a totem pole!

In addition, Wikipedia states, "Totem poles serve as important illustrations of family lineage and the cultural heritage of native peoples who live in the island and coastal areas of North America's Pacific Northwest, especially British Columbia, Canada, and coastal areas of Washington and southeastern Alaska in the United States."

Our totem pole's important illustration, will slowly be filled with extra-special, current and favorite, 5" x 7" photos of family and friends who live in North America's Southwest, Texas and the Gulf areas, other parts of America, maybe the entire world, and possibly the universe if we can make it happen. All photos will be in wooden frames, whimsically painted and/or collaged, and embellished (by me) to funk them up, further making our totem pole akin to the totem pole from days of yore.

Wikipedia further states that, "...nearly all totem pole making ceased by 1901. Twentieth century revivals of the craft, additional research, and continued support from the public have helped establish new interest in this regional artistic tradition." 

Our totem pole should be considered a Twenty-First century, modern revival of the craft. My Wikipedia research, and continued support from... uh, well, no one, have helped me establish a new interest in this artist tradition. Kind of.

With that in mind,
our totem pole is officially being named:

The Whimsical Photom Pole

Below is the first frame being whimsied up. It was brown as you can see at the bottom back. I didn't take a "before" pic but do you really need one? After all, it's a brown wooden frame. You know what they look like. 
It was covered with gesso and then painted.

The Sea Breeze shade of paint was selected because it would perfectly accommodate the horseback riding photo taken on our recent trip to the Cayman Islands. 

We loved the horseback riding and the picture!

Here it is looking all spiffy in it's 
"Pole Position" as they say in NASCAR.

I did this frame before the Photom Pole idea came to fruition so it may need further embellishment at some point. I love dots though and they are whimsical so we're good for now! 

For the most part, I'm not going to look for photos from the past to add to the Photom Pole. Any photos added to it will be ones taken from here on out but there may be a few exceptions. 

To read the entire Wikipedia article, click here or any of the other links above

See you soon.

May Your Day be Merry and Bright,


May 5, 2015

This Store is a Work of Art

Last Thursday, we took our RV over to Canton and camped out so we could attend First Monday Trade Days. Before going to the flea market, however, we stopped off at a store right down the street that I have been anxious to go to for a long time--LaurieAnna's Vintage Home!  

I snapped a few photos of the store for my friend Faye because I knew she would love this place. It just occurred to me to share them here too because this entire gorgeous store is a delightful work of art!

I hope you enjoyed the trip!
Click here to visit her blog.

May Your Day Be Creative and Bright!