April 21, 2015

Where on Earth Have I Been?

Yes, it has been an unusually long period of time since I posted. Two and a half months to be exact! It's as if I tumbled off the end of the earth but I would NEVER EVER stand that close to the edge because I have a horrendous fear of heights! 

Truth is, I have NOT had much creativity going on for one reason or another, and boy, oh boy, have I missed it.  Here's some of what's been going on:

First, a precious new grand baby arrived.
It's a boy and his name is Nicolas.
Of course, we are smitten!
He's grand baby #3. They're all boys.

Next, I'm beyond sad to say that our sweet and much loved Mini Schnauzer, Sally, passed away. We had her for 14 years, and she was truly my BFF as they say these days. There are no words to tell you how much I miss her.  It's been two months and the pain is still fresh. I want a do-over starting from the time she arrived here at only five weeks old. 
I wrote a Tribute to Sally on my SFMM blog.  
To read it, click here.

We also took an amazing trip to the Cayman Islands!
Oh my, what a fun time!
I shared the trip on the SFMM blog.  
Click here for Part 1.  

Not long after the Caymans, I had my gallbladder yanked right out of my innards! Picture the doctor steadying herself by applying one foot to my liver while she grasps my gallbladder with a big ole pair of pliers. With beads of sweat flowing from her brow, she yanks and yanks until my stony gallbladder pops loose and she's able to jerk it right out! Ta da!

Ah yes, modern science.

With all of that out of the way (amongst other things), I finally have some creativity going on around here. 

I decided to paint and collage these birdhouses.

I drug out all of these supplies and changed
my mind about using most of them!
It happens.

After collaging both birdhouses with pages 
from the Farmer's Almanac seen above, 
I decided to focus on this birdhouse only.
For now.

Then, I added acrylic paint...

...mixed with glazing medium.

This is the way it looks right 
now as a work in progress.
It has a long way to go.
I've also used Washi tape and a Pitt Pen.

I'll share it again once it's finished. I've never done anything like this before so there's no telling what it's going to look like by the time I'm finished. 

It might scare off every bird within a 25 miles radius.
And me!

See you soon.

May your day be creative and bright,

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