February 9, 2015

Forgotten UFO

Do you have UFO's?  I think many quilters do.  

I dug through a few the other day 
and found these four house blocks.
I'd completely forgotten about them.

These four quilt blocs were supposed to be part of a quilt sporting 12 house blocks, one for each month of the year. These four blocks represent January thru April. I can clearly see that I didn't even finish the April block before putting the project to the side. You can tell which block is which month, can't you? 

I'm pretty sure that this quilt was on an episode of Simply Quilts about 10 years ago or more. It was when I first started quilting and it seems like I printed out the directions from the internet. If so, they're probably long gone by now. It's highly likely that I tossed them into the trash during a cleaning frenzy and that's fine by me.  

I can see that I've changed a lot since then! If I started this quilt today, it would be more colorful. I also see a lot of things, I'd like to change and embellish. I will certainly do that if and when I finish it. For now, it goes back into the UFO pile. I suspect it's going to linger in my mind though because it would be fun to complete.  

Tootles for now,

February 6, 2015

Label Complete

I can't believe that I've been absent from this blog for over two months.  Wow!   Between the holidays and other events, time has flown by.  I'm back though.

In my last post, back in November (the olden days), I posted the whale-themed crib quilt that I made with hubby's assistance for the our new grandbaby Nicolas.  The post is here.  We were waiting for Nicolas to arrive so we could attach a label and guess what?  

He's here and he's a true cutie!

The label is attached too.

We'll deliver the quilt early tomorrow morning.

I hope he enjoys it and it keeps him warm!