November 5, 2014

A Quilt for Our Grand Baby!

We are expecting another grandchild February 1st.  It's a boy and his name will be Nicolas!  Woo-hoo!

He needs a baby quilt, don't you think?

Since the theme for his room is whales,  
the quilt needs whale fabric and this is it!

It'll be a simple four-patch quilt. 

And a crib size.

Here is the layout (without the borders) 
sticking to the design closet.
Many quilters have design walls. 
I don't have the wall space so I use a closet.
For now.

It's sewn together and...

here's the finished quilt.

I didn't want to practice my quilting skills on this special quilt so I had it professionally quilted at the Minding My P's & Q's Quilt Shop in Denton.  I thought waves would be appropriate for whales so I requested waves.

Here's a close up of the waves. 
I hope you can see them. 
George and I love the waves!

We gave it to Josh & Sheri at the shower on Sunday.
They liked it too!

We brought it back home with us because it needs one more thing.  As soon as Nicolas is born, we will add a label which, amongst other things, will include Nicolas' birthdate.

George contributed to making the quilt too.  Cutting and sewing was my department and he helped with the fabric search, measurements, laying it out, and pinning.  It was a labor of love for both of us and fun to make!  

Tootles for now,

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  1. Donna,
    Love the quilt! It turned out great. I've been absent from the blog world for a bit but still had your blogsite so thought I'd check out what you were up to.


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