October 7, 2014

Rail Fence Quilt~~~~Finished!

I finally finished this rail fence quilt!  It's far, far, far from perfect but I am thrilled with it!

I threw caution to the wind and went for it.  
I learned some things along the way too.
That's always a good thing!  

For instance, I should have used a walking foot to stitch in the ditch. I was told that over 12 years ago when I took the class that started this quilt.

Twelve years! 
No wonder I forgot. 

Sometimes I can't remember
 what I did yesterday, 
let alone 12 years ago! 

That also explains why I was stitching 
in, out, over, underaround, & along side 
the ditch at times! 

I was just about to start on the binding when a bright lightbulb flashed on!
You should of used a walking foot woman...
I'm glad I remembered.
I will do so in the future. 

Not the best picture but 
I wanted a photo outdoors.
Note to self:  
Work on taking better outdoor pics.

This really inspires me to get started on another quilt immediately.  I have a plan which I cannot write about yet but I'm going shopping for fabric ASAP.

I am so excited!
Thanks for visiting.

Have yourself a Jolly Good Creative Day All!


  1. Love the colors in your quilt and the pattern too!

  2. Good Morning Donna, Your quilt is beautiful . . . I love the colors. I go along with the "Perfectly Unperfect" method of making my quilts. Any stitch that isn't perfect, I call whimpicial and that makes it perfect:) I'm sure this quilt seems so rewarding and I want to congratulate you on getting it finished. It's easier to sometimes start something new than to finish something started twelve years ago. Bravo! I am proud of you and it is gorgeous.
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie :)


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