January 27, 2014

Snazzy Stitched Portrait Progress

I'm back to working on my Snazzy Stitched Portraits piece for the Craftsy class being taught by Carol Ann Waugh.  In the seven videos, Carol's directions are clear, easy to understand, and just plain fun!  At some point, I want to take her other classes--hopefully soon.

Here's my work in progress.
It's suppose to be a self portrait.
That remains to be seen. 
If that's the case, however, this is giraffe me.

I'm on my work table.

Again, on the worktable 
from the opposite side.
Messy, huh?
Oh well.

I'm working on my persnickety 
hair at the moment, and 
finding it to be rather humorous.  

I must say that I currently bear a 
striking resemblance to Pippi Longstocking.
Clearly something has gone awry!
Or maybe not.  

Oh, but I am having fun!  
That's really all that matters, right?

Have a glorious day!

January 18, 2014

Project Interruption

I'm currently working on a delightful class on the Craftsy site, Snazzy Stitched Portraits by Carol Ann Waugh.  I watched all the videos and I have my gal on her background, however, this project has been temporarily interrupted by a visit to Indiana to see family.  

A view of my sis and her hubby's 
two horses taken out their sunroom window.

Be back soon.
Tootles All,

January 7, 2014

2014 Word

These days it's popular to pick a word for the year.  Lots of folks do it in lieu of New Year's Resolutions and some do it in conjunction with their word.  I do like the idea of a word and have been doing it for a couple of years.  
I didnt blog them but
in 2012, my word was Simplify, and
in 2013, it was Focus.

As you can see, I journaled my 2014 word.
(Used:  Caran D'Ache Neocolor II water soluble crayons,
Artist's Loft watercolor pan paint, acrylic paint, Sharpies,
Derwent Sketching pencil, Drywall tape,
sponge stencil dabber thingamajig)
Perhaps I should Simplify, Focus, and Balance?
It couldn't hurt but mainly I think I'll stick with Balance.

Balance is directed to my average day--God, family, friends, exercise, art quilting and other creative endeavors, blogging, reading, social media and more.  I especially need more time for creativity and I will get it.  : ) 

In conjunction with Balance, I have set some additional goals.  I prefer not to think of them as resolutions.  For me, resolutions are traditional and annual, and once I blow a resolution, it's gone for the year.  It's not until next year that I approach it again and actually perform my annual sit up.  Forget that!  Unlike resolutions, my goals will be ongoing and always changing throughout the year as they are achieved or in some cases, when I come to the realization that I need to be more practical in order to be balanced.  That's when they get tweaked.   

On that note, one of my goals was to take a creative class quarterly if not more often.  Yesterday, I signed up for a class on Craftsy called Snazzy Stitched Portraits taught by Carol Waugh.  

If you're not familiar with Craftsy, they offer classes in everything from cake decorating to weaving to photography to sewing and cooking and lots more with lifetime access to the videos.  They have free mini classes too.  I've never taken a class until now, and I'm excited to get started so I'm off to do just that right now.  

Have a creatively fabulous day my friends!


January 3, 2014

The Home On Wonky Way

I was delightfully inspired by an article in the Winter 2014 edition of Art Quilting Studio Magazine.  It was titled, Stitched & Colored Mini Quilts by Terri Stegmiller.  Terri just happens to be one of my favorite art bloggers.  
I love her work!  

One of the supplies she used to create the mini quilts was Caran d'Ache Neo Color II Water Soluble Crayons.  I've been wanting these crayons for quite awhile so I requested them from my hubby for Christmas.  I was quite happy when I received an 84 pack!    


Following Terri's directions, I made the mini quilt below, The House on Wonky Way.  It's 7" x 9-1/2".  I went a bit berserk with my selection of colors but I couldn't resist playing!   

Making this little quilt was easy and fun, 
and I must say the crayons rock! 

I'm off to play
See you soon.

Tootles Y'all,