November 4, 2013

2013 International Quilt Festival

My friend Suzette and I attended the International Quilt Festival in Houston this past weekend.  I'm sharing a few photos and the accompanying artist's info.    

Very cool!
I couldn't find a website or blog for Patricia.

This one is amazing.
Look at the thread work in that beard!

Jennifer's website is here 

I am a sucker for whimsical quilts, 
and this is just too cute.

I couldn't find a website or blog for her.

A Shih Tzu quilt that captured my heart because it reminds me of our sweet Mitzi Mae.  She passed away couple of years ago, and boy do I miss her!

Janice's blog is here

Finally, Suzette and I in front of a quilt made by rebel art quilter, Jamie Fingal.  She is one of my very favorite art quilters. Her pieces are always colorful and delightfully whimsical!  

Sorry for the photo quality of Jamie's info page.  Hopefully, you can read it.  For that matter, they all had shadows but that's the way it goes sometimes.  

Jamie's blog is here.

That's it for now folks,