September 20, 2013

Indiana Barn Quilts

My sister Sue in Indiana sent me this article out of the Evansville Courier & Press.

A trail of oversized, painted, quilt blocks are dotting the sides of barns, silos, and corn cribs throughout Gibson County, Indiana to celebrate their bicentennial and draw in tourists and visitors. 

If you like quilts and can enlarge this picture big enough to read it, I think you'll find the articles interesting. 
It's very cool!

As of April, 2013, 122 barn quilts were 
listed on a brochure with a map of the trail.
More quilts are going up each day too!

The next time we're up in Indiana, we're 
going to get a map of the trail and drive it.
I look forward to it!

Thanks for the info Sue.

Tootles Y'all,

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