August 14, 2013

RZR Journal page

We just got back from a trip to Indiana where we visited both sides of the family. While we were in Evansville, I remembered that there's a Dick Blick Art Materials store there. I looked up the exact location on their website, and it was less than two miles so off we went to check it out. It's an awesome store with lots of goodies!

Since I didn't have time to grab any art supplies before we left, I decided to get some for the ride home. Here's my selections.

On our last evening in Indiana, we went 4-wheelin' with my sister Sue, her hubby, and other friends. With a little water and my new art supplies, I decided to draw a RZR Side-by-Side similar to this one on the way home. 
That's my hubby George driving Joanie and Bryan's RZR with Joanie riding along.

Here's my interpretation.
I spent about half the trip playing with it, and I found out that time really does fly when you're having fun!

Tootles All,