July 24, 2013

I'm Back with a Before and After

I made the quilt below back in 2004 when I was new to quilting and even sewing!  I eventually took it down to paint the wall, and it stayed down.  While it was up, I always felt like it needed something more. I'm still far from the best quilter/sewer (like way, way far) but I am much braver at trying new things these days. Since I'm ready to hang it again (in a different room this time), I decided to spruce 'er up a bit. 


I wanted more distinction between the background and the birdhouses so I couched black yarn down to achieve it. I also added some fuzzy variegated brown yarn to the trees' edges.

Why did I add it only to the edges? 
I have absolutely no idea.

(You may have noticed, I'm also far from 
the best picture taker--like way,way far!)

I'm rather happy with the quilt though!

Tootle Loo My Friends,

That reminds me of "Stay thirsty my friends." 
I love, love, love those commercials 
because he is, after all,
the most interesting man in the world!