April 22, 2013

Mission: Find Pinky Look-A-Likes

See this button?
It's a 1-3/4" troublemaker!

I bought it several years ago in Fredericksburg, TXa quaint, little town in the Texas Hill country with lots of cool little shops, restaurants and more on the Main Street. 

We recently planned an RV trip down that way, and as far as I'm concerned, a little F'burg shopping is necessary, mandatory and appropriate! It's just the right thing to do!

My mission (which I chose to accept because it was my idea) was to find more buttons like this lovely pinky. I didn't remember which store in particular pinky was purchased in, however, I knew that as soon as I saw the store, I would know that was the place!

After foraging through one side of the street without success, we started on the other side. I was becoming more and more focused on my Mission with every step.   

Where was this store?
Why wasn't I finding it?
What if I didn't remember?
Why am I talking to myself?

I finally asked a store clerk, and she suggested that it might be a store in the next block called Things in a Room. As soon as we approached the front of it, I knew I hit pay dirt! Yes indeed! 

It turned out to be right in front of where we parked too!  In fact, when we parked, I commented that it could be in this area but we hopped out and headed for food.    

So, can you guess what's in this bag?
Stupid question, huh?

Delicious, yummy, colorful buttons!
Some of these are 2-1/2" round too.

I love them each and every one!
They are my friends.
I seem to have lots of turquoise.
Perhaps I'm in my turquoise years?

Tootle Loo Y'all!

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  1. these buttons are gorgeous!! i love all the colors and shapes.


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