April 7, 2013

From Old to Young and Better to Worse

I was going to submit an art quilt to Quilting Arts' Text Me challenge.  I wasn't satisfied with it so I didn't submit it.  First, I had trouble with this gal.  

I wanted her to look 
somewhat like a young princess. 
Instead she looked much older and very hard.  
I was actually afraid of her.  
I got the distinct impression 
that she'd like to kick my butt!

In an effort to avoid a black eye, I quickly 
chopped the sides of her eyes off, 
lightened and lengthened her hair, 
and thinned her face out.
I like her much better now.
I made the text way too big.
It overwhelms the piece. 
Oh well!  
Onward and upward.
Live and learn and all that jazz.


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