March 25, 2013

Kitchen Curtain Fabric

I will be painting the kitchen soon, and I bought these two fabrics to make curtains for the windows.  As it stands now, they'll be cafe curtains with the checkered fabric for the valance.  The curtain style is subject to change though.

I love them!

Tootle Loo,

March 14, 2013

Coffee Motif

Check out the cool motif formed 
by my creative coffeemaker! 
I had no idea that she had such 
lovely imagination!

Perhaps she went wild 
after too much caffeine?

Hear ye!
Hear ye!
I officially name her 
Coffeine, the Creative Queen!

Tootle Loo,

March 7, 2013

A New Magazine and a Favorite Magazine

I love to make frequent trips to the magazine section at Barnes & Noble.  There are so many fabulous art magazines.  I read some of them at B&N and buy some to read at home.  Today I discovered a new magazine.  

I love the cover!
Yummy colors and cool hearts!
I immediately noticed the spelling of the word color/colour at the top, and sure enough, the sticker at the bottom reads, "UK."  It's the very first issue of the magazine and a February/March issue.      

Here's a glance at the Table of Contents
in case you're interested.

I also picked up Somerset Apprentice.
It's one of my many favorites!
What are your favorite magazines?

Tootle Loo My Friend,

March 5, 2013

Work in Progress

Here are the two 22" x 28" canvases I'm working on.
They need a lot more layers and other stuff.
So far, it's collage, stencil and paint.

I hope you're having a lovely, creative day.

March 1, 2013

Marker Storage and The Ledge

After searching locally for something in which to store double-sided markers, I wasn't able to find anything so I took to the internet and saw a PVC idea that I loved. I also had this really BIG IDEA for hubby to build a long ledge that would be attached to the biggest wall in my studio so I can use it as an easel. 

Anyway, my handy dandy, wonderful hubby ventured into his shop and whipped up the marker storage and The Ledge. 

Here's the marker storage.  
PVC pipe nested in a wooden box.
Of course, this makes me 
want to buy more markers!

The Ledge
I want The Ledge to double as 
support for a design wall too! 
~~ OR ~~ 
I could use it to jump off in the
event that I'm feeling desperate!
But that 

Actually, you know what?
I do find comfort in knowing 
that if I don't like my current project, 
26-inch plunge 
to the floor will get my mind off it! 

Oh yes! Breaking a toenail 
or scratching a knee will do the job! 

Of course, going head first 
would really get my mind off it 
But I'm 
that desperate! 

All kidding aside here, I've got to say
Hubby did a great job!

To make the easel function as a design wall, I'll cover foam core board or something of that nature with a fabric that other fabric will magically latch on to. Fleece? Flannel? Maybe leeches? I'm not exactly sure yet. ObviouslyI need to explore YouTube for guidance there. I'll put the design wall up on The Ledge when I need it, and pull it off when I want to use The Ledge to paint.     

I mentioned to hubby that I probably need a board behind any canvas when I paint, and he asked: 

Hasn't he ever seen me paint? 

He's seen me eat. 
That should be clue enough. 

I'm not going to worry about 
a board for now though. 
What the heck! 

I'm feeling adventurous! 
Like I want to live on the edge,
(not to be confused with The Ledge) 
so I'll just do my paint thing, 
and see what happens.  

See those two dots of missing 
paint on the upper right?  
Never adhere a dry erase board with the sticky thingy that comes with it unless you want it there for the remainder of your life, and the life of the free world. 

What an ordeal to get it off!

I tugged. I prodded. I prayed. I pried. 
I perspired. I laughed. I begged. I cried. 

I even yelled at it in a different language, 
and I don't know a different language! 

Eventually, with one foot on the wall, and the end of a screw driver behind it, 
I squinted my eyes, 
gritted my teeth, 
threatened to send it to the dump, 
and it flew right off. 

It left behind those two ugly souvenirs. I'm surprised it didn't suck a BIG hole through the wall, and me with it!  

Now there's a mental image to start your day. 

Have a fantastic one! 

Tootles My Friends,