February 26, 2013

Lazy Susan Pencil Holder & Stencils

I've had this Wooden Lazy Susan Pencil Holder for several years.  Originally, it was natural wood and I painted it green.  I intended to continue sprucing it up but it sat and sat and sat until I couldn't stand it anymore which was yesterday!  

At last, it's transformed.
It was fun too!
Warning!  Warning!
The next pic is a bit shiny.
You might want to wear sunglasses.
And last but not least...
I Love it!

Used:  Decorative papers, dictionary text, acrylic paint, stamp, stencil, pencil, Zig Markers, Sharpies, Uniball Signo White pen, and willow sticks.

The two flowers in the last pic are from Terri Stegmiller's Flowers 20 stencil.  I recently won that stencil and Terri's Antennas stencil from Leslie McNeil at MarveLes Art Studios during a stencil blog hop.  Woo-hoo!

Here are the two stencils.
Antennas and Flowers 20
As you can see, I've used the flower stencil but just a little bit so far.  I'm about to play with both stencils in the next few days.

Also, hubby made a wall easel for me and a box for holding double-sided markers.  He is AWESOME, and I will share them in my next post.

Tootle Loo,

February 20, 2013

My Story

I'm excited to tell you that my story is featured today on the I'm a Creative Late Bloomer blog!  You can check it out at the link above or click here.

Have a Blooming Great Day!

February 19, 2013

Letter Love~Lessons 5 through 9

Here are Lessons Five through Nine in my online Letter Love 201 class with Joanne Sharpe along with the title of the lesson.  

Word Play Collage

Shape it Up

The Good Negative

The Cluster Comp

Op Art

Joanne mentioned in lesson nine that we might remember Op Art from the 60's, and immediately my mind went to Flower Power so I had to go with it!  I used one of Terri Stegmiller's stencils that I won from Leslie at MarveLes Art Studios for the flowers.  I won two stencils and I will be playing with them once I'm caught up in this class (or close to caught up anyway)!

More soon.

Tootles Folks,

February 17, 2013

Letter Love~Lessons 3 & 4

(Copic and Zig Markers)
I named my alphabet.
Turquoise~Mutt and Jeff
Orange~Square Bob, Dot Pants 
Kelly Green~Swirly Pearly
Pink~Flying Hot Pigs
Purple~Spotted Cows
Blue~Dashing Divas
Celadon Green~Circle the Wagons
Pink~Wonky Tonk Women

(Sharpie and LuminArte's Twinkling H2O's)

I have five through eight done too and I'm about to work on nine.  
Stay tuned...

Tootle Loo to You,

February 11, 2013

Letter Love!

I'm taking Joanne Sharpe's online class Letter Love 201.  I'm a bit behind and playing catch up!  Here are my first two lessons.

First, we were to create cover art following the format of her class logo, but of course, make it our own.  You can see Joanne's logo at the top left corner of my blog.

I love pink and yellow together.

Lesson Two.
I don't love it but it was fun!

Stay artsy my friends
are the most interesting artists in the world!
(Yes, Dos Equis influence!)

February 2, 2013

Memories of Daisy State Park Art Quilt

In November, we took an RV trip to Daisy State Park in Arkansas.  One of our days there, we found ourselves on a nice walk.  The air was brisk but refreshing and leaves were everywhere.  I picked up the leaf that I used in this piece during that walk.  
This leaf caught my attention because of the vibrant red color.  I did touch it up with a bit of metallic red paint here and there but I did not cover the leaf!  I wanted to add a bit of paint just in case the natural color fades over time.  The red paint matched perfectly so if it does fade, the painted areas will be a reminder of the previous color.  That said, it is varnished so hopefully there won't be any fading.   

Materials used:  canvas, acrylic paints, stamps, willow sticks, Sharpies, varnish, commercial fabric and sewing machine. 

The piece is appropriately named, "Memories of Daisy State Park in Arkansas." 

I like it!  Do you?

With Artful Joy,