January 24, 2013

The BIG Flying-By-The-Seat-of-My-Pants Project

I've never really created in a very large format but that's about to change because I'm going BIG.  I have wanted to make something for the living room wall for some time now, and that wall is very high and wide so big is necessary.  I have had a rough idea in mind for awhile now--three painted and collaged panels with lots of things on them that represent hubby and I (and maybe some items that don't).  I have been compiling a list of items to include on the piece.

My idea took a delightful and more stable turn when I saw the "Exquisite Journey" group quilt in the February/March 2013 issue of Quilting Arts magazine.  What a collaboration!  I love, love, love it!  Once I saw all that yummy colorful fabric and the cool "stuff" on it (some of the items were on my list), I knew it was my inspiration piece and I would definitely HAVE TO include fabric in this project.

The magazine cover shows a close up of one area of this fabulous quilt.

I cut a piece of canvas a little over six feet wide and a little more than 4 feet tall.  I added some Gesso which was a bit of a dilemma.  I knew I wasn't going to paint the entire piece but at the same time, there would be paint directly on the canvas on some areas.  Where?  I have no idea!  So I compromised and didn't cover it completely.  I did want to stiffen it up a bit so that worked out.  Eventually, it'll be cut in panels and sewn on (I think). 

After adding the Gesso, I knew that the table I had it on was not going to work so here's my solution.  It's not the best pic but you can see the lovely morning light shining on it.

My awesome hubby had a piece of wood in his shop so we propped it up on chairs and I've secured it with binder clips at the top.  It's not the perfect setup but it's way better than the thin little table I started out with.  

Okay, so here I go.  I'm flying by the seat of my pants here.  If I get lost and happen to fly past your window, please throw me a snack (or some art supplies) and point me toward home.  Have a Creatabulous Day all!

Tootle Loo Wonderful You,

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