January 18, 2013

Street-Wise Owl Collection

I recently took Jodi Ohl's "Who Are You?" online class on the Creative Workshops website.  It was a blast too!  We did four 8x10 canvases.

Here they are:
Kelsey Gettin' Kicks

Stu Stands Amongst the Stars

Olivia Does the Fashion District

The Beat Owls Rock Owlbey Road

All together.

I loved Jodi's class!  
She rocks color and I love color.  



  1. Oh Donna! Your owls are cutie-pies! I bet you had a great time, and your color sense is maaahvelous!

  2. OWLmazing! Love them owls! I especially like the owls you painted in the OWLBEY ROAD piece. I can tell you had fun creating them and O'wl be back.


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