January 7, 2013

Who Are You? Online Class

One of my goals this year is to take more online classes.  I'm currently taking Jodi Ohl's "Who Are You?" class on the Creative Workshops website.  I love the background painting techniques and creating the whimsical owls is entirely too much fun!  Is there such a thing as too much fun?

I got an early start on my goal because this class began in December.  Of course, the holidays slowed me down a bit but I'm back to working on my four canvases now.

Here they are in progress.  
I've finally started to add details.  
First up is the underneath canvas on the right.

The link to the class is in the first paragraph above and if you're interested in visiting Jodi's blog, click here.  

Oodles of Doodles to you!
And Tootles!

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  1. Your owls are adorable Donna! I hope you enjoy the rest of your class. Online classes are such a great thing...you can just stay in the comfort of home and learn new art techniques...awesome!


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