January 28, 2013

NOT Flying By The Seat of My Pants Anymore

A couple of posts ago, I showed a large canvas on which I was going to create a mixed media piece for the living room. I stated that I was flying by the seat of my pants with it. It was true at the time but I am now walking on the bottom of my securely grounded feet (for now).

I started on the piece with collage and paint but I could tell immediately that it was not going to be what I want for the living room wall. Even though I knew I'd add some fabric to it, that just wasn't enough. 

I kept coming back to the fact that I want all FABRIC--yummy, soft, colorful, delightful--FABRIC! So today, this is getting cut into thirds and set aside. I'll use it to create some mixed media pieces later on. 

Also, this plywood-and-plastic-drop-cloth-on-two-chairs setup was a genius idea several days ago. Around here, however, genius ideas can fade fast! This  setup is Exhibit Number 1,642,387 in my Fading Genius Idea Portfolio. Working like this was killing my back!  I can't imagine doing the entire piece using this setup and for more reasons that just my back but I'll stop there.

The solution: I need a design wall! 
Don't ya think? 

I usually work in such small formats that I have been able to use an easel with fleece thrown over a giant drawing tablet but that's about to change. Today, I'm going to move the bookshelves and all that stuff off that wall, and see if I can come up with another genius idea! Hopefully, one that won't go into my Fading Genius Idea portfolio. I guess I'll get to it now. Have a wonderful and blessed day all!

Tootles All,


  1. A design wall! Yes! Don't feel bad...I have a forgotten idea book somewhere...in fact, I probably have several of them because I restart them after forgetting I already started one. :)

  2. A design wall would be AWESOME !!! I need one too what a good ides.


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