November 4, 2013

2013 International Quilt Festival

My friend Suzette and I attended the International Quilt Festival in Houston this past weekend.  I'm sharing a few photos and the accompanying artist's info.    

Very cool!
I couldn't find a website or blog for Patricia.

This one is amazing.
Look at the thread work in that beard!

Jennifer's website is here 

I am a sucker for whimsical quilts, 
and this is just too cute.

I couldn't find a website or blog for her.

A Shih Tzu quilt that captured my heart because it reminds me of our sweet Mitzi Mae.  She passed away couple of years ago, and boy do I miss her!

Janice's blog is here

Finally, Suzette and I in front of a quilt made by rebel art quilter, Jamie Fingal.  She is one of my very favorite art quilters. Her pieces are always colorful and delightfully whimsical!  

Sorry for the photo quality of Jamie's info page.  Hopefully, you can read it.  For that matter, they all had shadows but that's the way it goes sometimes.  

Jamie's blog is here.

That's it for now folks,

October 22, 2013

It's Coffee Time!

That's the name of this 15-1/2" x 12" art quilt.
(Canvas, acrylic paints, various markers, stencils, glitter,
batting, commercial fabric)

I always love sewing on canvas and this was no different.  The painting was a good time too!

Tootles For Now,

October 16, 2013

My Eyes! My Eyes!

Yes, my eyes are a couple of happy viewers thanks to an RV trip to South Texas this past weekend.  First, we (hubby, my sister and I) anchored in an RV park in New Braunfels where we met up with two friends.  Then, we spent time exploring the San Antonio Riverwalk and Gruene (pronounced Green).  My eyes discovered some splendid inspiration along the way and I thought I'd share it. 

I have posted this first one in the past but saw it again this trip.  It's so wonderfully colorful and cool that I thought it was worthy of a repost.  
It's happily perched in the window 
of Garcia Art Glassa shop in the 
Hyatt Regency Riverwalk in San Antonio.

A party on a wall inside Garcia Art Glass.

This interesting arrangement is inside 
Gruene Dance Hallthe oldest dance hall in Texas.  
Hmm, I never knew you could grow wine bottles!
Needs more stuff though, don't you think?

Heavenly Headbands!
Unfortunately, I don't remember 
the name of this shop.

I love the way this quaint 
shop displays it's name with flags!

I'm always a sucker for mannequins, 
dress forms, dummies, whatever.
This pink friend is decked out.
I believe this was in the Yellowbox shop.

This one is displayed in Gruene Trading Company.
Oh so delightful indeed! 
These all inspire me in one way or another.
What inspires you?

Tootles Friends,

October 9, 2013

Color, Color, Delicious Color

On a recent trip to Destin, Florida, these colorful windows at Pompano Joe's Restaurant captured my heart.

Pitter patter, pitter patter.
Big love here!
Yummy matching umbrellas just outside.

Delightful color coordinated windows too.
Oh my!

 I can't help but smile!
How about you?


September 25, 2013

Strolling Along With Miss Catapede

On an RV trip to Daisy State Park in Arkansas last October, we ate lunch at a cute little Mexican restaurant in Murphreesboro.  

We sat at a table next to this 
charming little caterpillar.
Or is it a centipede?  
I may not have known her bug type but 
knew she was inspiration for an art quilt!

First off, I didn't want the horns 
but I thought hair would be a hoot!

And how about an umbrella to protect her lovely skin.
That's always helpful!

I thought crazy legs and shoes would be a kick too!
(Pun intended--tee-hee!)

And now that it's all said and done, here is 
the lovely Miss Catapede out for a stroll.
I love her and I hope you do too!
She is 12"x16".
(Materials used:  yarn, mizuhiki cord, lace, 
rick rack, commercial fabrics, paint, Sharpie, and thread)

If you wonder what mizuhiki is,  
click here to find out.

Thanks for dropping by.

Tootles Till Next Time,

September 20, 2013

Indiana Barn Quilts

My sister Sue in Indiana sent me this article out of the Evansville Courier & Press.

A trail of oversized, painted, quilt blocks are dotting the sides of barns, silos, and corn cribs throughout Gibson County, Indiana to celebrate their bicentennial and draw in tourists and visitors. 

If you like quilts and can enlarge this picture big enough to read it, I think you'll find the articles interesting. 
It's very cool!

As of April, 2013, 122 barn quilts were 
listed on a brochure with a map of the trail.
More quilts are going up each day too!

The next time we're up in Indiana, we're 
going to get a map of the trail and drive it.
I look forward to it!

Thanks for the info Sue.

Tootles Y'all,

September 17, 2013

A Current Project

Here's a peek at one of the projects I'm currently working on. 

 It sure feels good to be sewing again!



August 14, 2013

RZR Journal page

We just got back from a trip to Indiana where we visited both sides of the family. While we were in Evansville, I remembered that there's a Dick Blick Art Materials store there. I looked up the exact location on their website, and it was less than two miles so off we went to check it out. It's an awesome store with lots of goodies!

Since I didn't have time to grab any art supplies before we left, I decided to get some for the ride home. Here's my selections.

On our last evening in Indiana, we went 4-wheelin' with my sister Sue, her hubby, and other friends. With a little water and my new art supplies, I decided to draw a RZR Side-by-Side similar to this one on the way home. 
That's my hubby George driving Joanie and Bryan's RZR with Joanie riding along.

Here's my interpretation.
I spent about half the trip playing with it, and I found out that time really does fly when you're having fun!

Tootles All,

July 24, 2013

I'm Back with a Before and After

I made the quilt below back in 2004 when I was new to quilting and even sewing!  I eventually took it down to paint the wall, and it stayed down.  While it was up, I always felt like it needed something more. I'm still far from the best quilter/sewer (like way, way far) but I am much braver at trying new things these days. Since I'm ready to hang it again (in a different room this time), I decided to spruce 'er up a bit. 


I wanted more distinction between the background and the birdhouses so I couched black yarn down to achieve it. I also added some fuzzy variegated brown yarn to the trees' edges.

Why did I add it only to the edges? 
I have absolutely no idea.

(You may have noticed, I'm also far from 
the best picture taker--like way,way far!)

I'm rather happy with the quilt though!

Tootle Loo My Friends,

That reminds me of "Stay thirsty my friends." 
I love, love, love those commercials 
because he is, after all,
the most interesting man in the world!

June 20, 2013

A Bit of a Break

You may have noticed (or not) that I am taking a bit of a blog break.  I'm working on my procrastination list which includes painting the utility room and kitchen,  tending to things that need to be done around that house, catching up on some business stuff and more.  

Oh, and look at this mess 
on and around my sewing table!
I'll be cleaning too.
I don't create well in messes.

We've also been RVing some with several more trips scheduled.  The RVing can be followed on my other blog Smiles for Many Miles if you're interested.


May 13, 2013

Pink Fabric Necklaces

This week is National Nursing Home week, and it is being celebrated at Mom's nursing home.  The wonderful activities director has a different theme going for each day of the week, and tomorrow is pink day.  I made these pink fabric necklaces for some of the ladies.  I hope they like them!

I used fabric, styrofoam balls to keep them lightweight, and ribbon which will be used to tie them on.  

The girls approve!


April 22, 2013

Mission: Find Pinky Look-A-Likes

See this button?
It's a 1-3/4" troublemaker!

I bought it several years ago in Fredericksburg, TXa quaint, little town in the Texas Hill country with lots of cool little shops, restaurants and more on the Main Street. 

We recently planned an RV trip down that way, and as far as I'm concerned, a little F'burg shopping is necessary, mandatory and appropriate! It's just the right thing to do!

My mission (which I chose to accept because it was my idea) was to find more buttons like this lovely pinky. I didn't remember which store in particular pinky was purchased in, however, I knew that as soon as I saw the store, I would know that was the place!

After foraging through one side of the street without success, we started on the other side. I was becoming more and more focused on my Mission with every step.   

Where was this store?
Why wasn't I finding it?
What if I didn't remember?
Why am I talking to myself?

I finally asked a store clerk, and she suggested that it might be a store in the next block called Things in a Room. As soon as we approached the front of it, I knew I hit pay dirt! Yes indeed! 

It turned out to be right in front of where we parked too!  In fact, when we parked, I commented that it could be in this area but we hopped out and headed for food.    

So, can you guess what's in this bag?
Stupid question, huh?

Delicious, yummy, colorful buttons!
Some of these are 2-1/2" round too.

I love them each and every one!
They are my friends.
I seem to have lots of turquoise.
Perhaps I'm in my turquoise years?

Tootle Loo Y'all!

April 16, 2013


We bought a new washer and dryer which has led to a complete laundry room makeover!  We're talking paint, new floors, adding cabinets, new sink, and new doggy door.  We've cleared the space out and guess where everything is that was in the laundry room?   Yes, it's piled up in the studio! Ugh!

In the meantime, here's a recent journal page.
Happy Sunflowers!
 They look a bit like daisies too, don't they?
Supplies:  watercolors, colored pencils and Sharpies

While we're at this remodel thing, I may do some spring cleaning when hubby doesn't need my help.  Right now, we're tearing the floor up.  

Tootle Loo Wonderful You!

April 7, 2013

From Old to Young and Better to Worse

I was going to submit an art quilt to Quilting Arts' Text Me challenge.  I wasn't satisfied with it so I didn't submit it.  First, I had trouble with this gal.  

I wanted her to look 
somewhat like a young princess. 
Instead she looked much older and very hard.  
I was actually afraid of her.  
I got the distinct impression 
that she'd like to kick my butt!

In an effort to avoid a black eye, I quickly 
chopped the sides of her eyes off, 
lightened and lengthened her hair, 
and thinned her face out.
I like her much better now.
I made the text way too big.
It overwhelms the piece. 
Oh well!  
Onward and upward.
Live and learn and all that jazz.


April 1, 2013

Daisy Mae Journal Page

While watching TV the other morning, Daisy Mae, our Boston Terrier, was curled up asleep on my chair's ottoman so I drew a pictured of her and colored it with watercolor.  


March 25, 2013

Kitchen Curtain Fabric

I will be painting the kitchen soon, and I bought these two fabrics to make curtains for the windows.  As it stands now, they'll be cafe curtains with the checkered fabric for the valance.  The curtain style is subject to change though.

I love them!

Tootle Loo,

March 14, 2013

Coffee Motif

Check out the cool motif formed 
by my creative coffeemaker! 
I had no idea that she had such 
lovely imagination!

Perhaps she went wild 
after too much caffeine?

Hear ye!
Hear ye!
I officially name her 
Coffeine, the Creative Queen!

Tootle Loo,

March 7, 2013

A New Magazine and a Favorite Magazine

I love to make frequent trips to the magazine section at Barnes & Noble.  There are so many fabulous art magazines.  I read some of them at B&N and buy some to read at home.  Today I discovered a new magazine.  

I love the cover!
Yummy colors and cool hearts!
I immediately noticed the spelling of the word color/colour at the top, and sure enough, the sticker at the bottom reads, "UK."  It's the very first issue of the magazine and a February/March issue.      

Here's a glance at the Table of Contents
in case you're interested.

I also picked up Somerset Apprentice.
It's one of my many favorites!
What are your favorite magazines?

Tootle Loo My Friend,