July 10, 2012

Picture Issues and a Blurb Book

I was trying to change my profile picture on my Smiles for Many Miles blog but it wouldn't let me.  George and I bought an RV recently and I want to change that blog to be our blog now and not just my blog since the name is perfect for journaling our RV travels in addition to the usual stuff.  With this in mind, I was trying to upload a picture of the two of us.  The message I received said that I reached the limit in Picasa Web where the photos are stored so I went to Picasa and saw that the photos for all my blogs are there.  (I have one old blog and three current blogs although only two of the current blogs have pictures.)

I have always wanted to make a book at blurb.com so I figured that now is the time because, as I make books, I can delete.  My SFMM blog mentioned above was started in February, 2008 so right now I am thinking that I will make a book for each year but of course this could change.  I went through each 2008 post, reread, edited, deleted and re-formatted some of them.  After deleting some of the posts and photos, I still could not upload a new profile picture.  I went back to Picasa Web and the photos were still there so I manually deleted some but I still cannot upload a profile picture!

Now I've decided that perhaps my first book attempt should be with my old blog.  For one, once I get it into the blurb book area, I can delete the entire blog and hopefully free up lots of space.  For two, I'm not interested in this book being perfect so I think it will be a good practice book.  In fact, I may not even have them print this book but we'll see.  You don't pay for it until you have it printed.

I have read about other bloggers who printed their blogs on Blurb and were very satisfied.  It looks user friendly and interesting!  If you're thinking about printing your blog into a book, here are two videos that I watched.  They gave me a good idea of what to expect.  It looks very cool and the books are awesome!

Video #1 is 5 minutes and 30 seconds long.
Video #2 is 3 minutes and 58 seconds long.

I am off to work on my first book now!  I hope it goes well.

Happy Creating All, 

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