March 28, 2012

I Won!

Leslie McNeil is a blogger from Great Falls, Montana. Not long ago, I discovered her blog, and I have been following her ever since!  Leslie recently had a give away on her blog, and I won a very cool pin/brooch!

It arrived in this Dayspring Greeting
card (cool piano), and there's a
wonderful Max Lucado quote
on the front.  I love him! 
My photo is not the best so in 
case you can't read it, it says:  

There are things only you can do, 
and you are alive to do them. 
In the great orchestra we call life,
you have an instrument and a song
and you owe it to God to 
play them both sublimely.

The pin is 3" x 3", and as you 
can see below, it's very cute!  
The colors are very much ME!
I love it and look forward to wearing it! 

The pin is attached so that it can 
be worn in this direction.
I suppose it can be worn other ways 
but I like the way Leslie attached it,
and I will wear it that way.

Here is the link to Leslie's blog: 
If you like this pin as much as I do, 
you will love her blog!

Thank you so much Leslie, 
and many blessings to you!

Tootles For Now,

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