March 30, 2012


This is a project I recently completed entitled Freedom because I felt so free while painting it!

Acrylic paints, ink, white Signo pen, lock washers, machine stitching, and ribbon were used.  The substrate is a 12" x 16" canvas, rotary cut with a decorative blade, and mounted on 1/8" thick birch board.  At least, I think it's birch but I need to ask my DH because I can't remember.  He helped me select it.
I finally figured out how to remove the background!  This is much better than my previous attempts but I need to perfect it.

Tootles All,

March 28, 2012

I Won!

Leslie McNeil is a blogger from Great Falls, Montana. Not long ago, I discovered her blog, and I have been following her ever since!  Leslie recently had a give away on her blog, and I won a very cool pin/brooch!

It arrived in this Dayspring Greeting
card (cool piano), and there's a
wonderful Max Lucado quote
on the front.  I love him! 
My photo is not the best so in 
case you can't read it, it says:  

There are things only you can do, 
and you are alive to do them. 
In the great orchestra we call life,
you have an instrument and a song
and you owe it to God to 
play them both sublimely.

The pin is 3" x 3", and as you 
can see below, it's very cute!  
The colors are very much ME!
I love it and look forward to wearing it! 

The pin is attached so that it can 
be worn in this direction.
I suppose it can be worn other ways 
but I like the way Leslie attached it,
and I will wear it that way.

Here is the link to Leslie's blog: 
If you like this pin as much as I do, 
you will love her blog!

Thank you so much Leslie, 
and many blessings to you!

Tootles For Now,

March 17, 2012

New Project Materials

I'm starting an art quilt for the "What If?" Reader Challenge in Quilting Arts Magazine.

I'll start with canvas, burlap, 
and these colorful dotted fabrics.

Oh and these painted dryer sheets.

Of course, that's the plan right now but materials
and ideas can be altered at any time.

Yes, it's been known to happen.

Does it ever happen to you?

Tootles My Creative Friends,