February 29, 2012

Leap Day and Art

In this Leap Year, it's Leap Day!

Billy Blue sits in the garden wondering if 
this will be the day he finally leaps
out of it.  I don't think so Billy.

Yes, Spring is near, and I've resorted
to watching the Weather Channel
just so I can see snow.
Heavy sigh...

Two projects that I'm working on:
I need to update my daily art journal

This project is almost complete but
I've been sidetracked with other things.

Tootles For Now My Art Friends,

February 21, 2012

Daily Journal~1st Half of February

Here are some photos of my daily art journal page from the first half of February.

I love the colors!
They are very me.

And here's the girls hanging out in the studio with me.
Daisy loves laying in the sun.
 She's just across the room here.

Sally almost always has to be right next to me!
She's just below my chair here.


February 6, 2012

Daily Art Journaling

I decided to keep a daily art journal this year after reading Julie Fei-Fan Balzer's article in the premiere issue of Cloth Paper Scissors' PAGES magazine. I'm using an 11x17 mixed media journal, and I used two pages in it for January.

On my first January page, I tried out some recently purchased Smooch Spritzes. They come in cute little glass bottles the same size as a tube of mascara but a little taller. 

The first January page is below.
I do NOT like the colors at all! 
The Spritzing was cool though. 
I'm not a big orange/gold fan most of the time so the colors are not me, and I didn't add anything else. I merely did a spritz and go! I couldn't wait to get off that page either. I kept telling myself to make the next page better.

Here's the second January page,
and I like it much better!
Acrylic paints and various markers were used.

And here's the start of the first February page.
I like it a LOT better!
I'm bordering on love!
More acrylic paints.

Below is a close up of one area.
I love using drywall tape to create texture.
(It's the yellow grid lines.)

Each month has a theme too as you may have noticed. January's theme was "Meaning," and February's theme is the obvious one~~Love. The purpose of it is to make me pay attention! I want to observe the theme in my life (and anywhere else it pops up) during that month, and especially in the little things. These observances will be noted in journal entries. 

The themes are meant to be fun and not stressful! This is all about having an enjoyable experience so I do not want to try to find something relating to my theme every single day. That could create pressure and take the joy out of it~~my journal, my rules. Why not?   

Big Blog Hugs to You All,