January 8, 2012

Mom's Doodle

I am participating in The Sketchbook Challenge this year. The theme for this month is doodle. For some folks that means drawing or sketching and for others it's collaging, painting, or sewing over a sketched motif. Each person has their own interpretation and preference.

For my first contribution, I asked my Mom who is in a nursing home with Alzheimer's to doodle something in my art journal. At first, she wasn't sure what I meant so I took her hand and led it around to create a floral shape. At that point, I let go and told her to continue. Below is her doodle. That evening, I went over her lines in black marker, added the text, and colored it in a manner that I thought would be pleasing to her.

I wondered if I should have let her color it but I suspect it might have been a bit overwhelming. In any event, this doodle is priceless to me! 

Now I'm off to watch the playoff games and do some doodling of my own!

Tootles & Doodles,

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  1. Oh Donna, this IS precious. Bless your mom! And bless you! What a sweet activity to share together. Maybe this will become a regular thing when you visit her and you could have a book full of them. You could write something on the back about your visit that day and keep a journal of them.



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