November 2, 2011

Art Journal~Page 3

I finished my 3rd art journal page! Can you tell that I've takin' a likin' to eyes? I wondered how they would look growing on springs in a garden. Doesn't everybody wonder that?  Here's my answer. I'm pleased as punch with the page, and I had a grand time making it!  I see more eyes in my future.

I ordered the two books below and was excited when they arrived yesterday! 

The first book, Journal Bliss is by Violette Clark. I've been reading her colorful blog for awhile now. I really enjoy her happy journal pages so I knew I would find even more joy amidst the fun-filled pages of her book. I love the cute cover too!

In reading Violette's blog, I learned about a free Raw Art Journaling webinar held by Creative Coach Quinn McDonald on October 20th. I attended the webinar and found it very uplifting and interesting! It left me wanting more so I ordered her book too. I've also started following her blog. You can check out Violette's blog here and Quinn's blog here.

I can't decide which book to read first because they both appear to be chock full of fun stuff. I think I'll flip a coin to decide.

I'm attending the International Quilt Festival in Houston this weekend, and I can't wait!  It's always such a blast!

Joyful Creations to you!

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  1. your journal pages are great.....full of happy color!! i hope you have fun reading your new books this weekend!! :))


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