November 15, 2011

2011~International Quilt Festival in Houston

The weekend before last I attended the Quilt Fest in Houston. I was only able to be there from 10:15 to about 3:30 on Saturday so I was like a whirlwind blowing through that place. There was way too much to see in too little time but I was happy to be there!

This post is to share some pics but first let me apologize for the quality of some of these, and especially the information sheets. I used my iPhone and tried to keep a steady hand but have you ever seen a steady whirlwind?  I need to take a different camera next time.

I bought this 8.5" x 11.5" art quilt from the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative booth. It's a national grassroots effort to raise awareness and fund research through art. I'm going to make some quilts to contribute to it next year in honor of Mom and everyone else who suffers (or will suffer) from this horrible disease.

This one was made by Julie Sefton from Barlett, Tennessee and is entitled Fireworks. The Artist Statement reads: "Fireworks filled the night sky, mixing with reflections from the houses across the lake. Explosions of indigo, egyptian, cerulean and aquamarine. Memories like these should be forever - so I stitch for AAQI." She made it in honor and memory of her mother using Superior glitter thread and free motion quilting. Of course, the bling caught my attention! 

As usual, there was all kinds of glorious stuff!
Colorful, life-size horses!
They were pretty!

 A quilted SUV cover!
That's not something you see every day.

Then there were dolls.
Lots of personality here.

A mermaid doll

And more dolls.


These were awesome!
The Santa makers buy vintage quilts to use 
in the Santas, and the only place they sell 
them is at this quilt fest every year!

 I think this was a cross stitch booth but I
didn't see anyone looking cross or stitching!

There was LOTS of jewelry

This fabric jewelry was neat but it's
hard to really see it from the pic.
Click here to go to her website
for a much better view.

And more jewelry!

Of course, there were tons of fabulous quilts!
Tis the season!
I think this one won $7,500.

This is cool and contains some human hair!

 This serene quilt caught my attention right away.
I have a friend who lived in Kemah
 and it's a very neat place!


Quite spectacular!

So full of color!
Blurry but legible  

I didn't get the name of the person 
who made this quilt but I love it. 
Oh how I wish it would snow!
I just want to stare at it and pretend.


More cute.
More Info

The Twelve by Twelve exhibit was really cool!
It's a group of 12 artists that make a 
12"x12" quilt each month based on a theme.
This was the orange theme.  

And can you guess 
the color of this theme?
So fun!
Loved this exhibit.
For more Twelve By Twelve pics and info, click here.

Finally, I have to share this Artist's Village.
It was so neat, and I loved it!
I'd seen these houses on blogs and I think in a
magazine but it was so much better in person.

More blurry info
I think I was blowing through a back flip on this one!

This was just the very tip of the quilt fest iceberg. 
I could have whirled around there for days and days!
Next year, I just might do that too.

Creative Tuesday to you!

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  1. wow.....this looks like one spectacular quilt show!! these quilts and dolls are amazing! and that SUV cover......oh my gosh!! :))


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