October 28, 2011

My First Ever Art Journal

After reading blog after blog about art journaling, I got a hankerin' to journal. The idea of mixing art stuff together with words is magnificent and fits me perfectly!  I started my first ever art journal earlier this week and below are the first two pages.

My first art journal page features
this gal. I've named her Ella.
Acrylic paint, Sharpies and Zig Brushables 
were used. A dryer sheet and drywall 
tape were painted to create her blouse.

My second page features two of my
favorite things. I didn't name this gal but 
I will name them all from here on out.
This page is acrylic paint, Sharpies
and Zig markers. 
Both gals have big eyes (the better to see you with my dear) and rather large lips (the better to kiss you hello & goodbye my dear) but I love them. I find that I'm very drawn to this art journaling thing!  It's a blast! More to come.

I've been working on a doll too and it's been almost done for awhile but I got sidetracked to journaling and other things. I will finish her up and post her soon.

Wishing You Journal Joy,

October 24, 2011

Three Fun Visitors

Our sweet granddudes Preston and Triston visited for a few days, and they brought our new granddog Isabella Grace with them.  You can call her Isa!  We do.

Isa is an adorable Mal-Shih, (Maltese-Shih Tzu mix) and only seven weeks old.  She's a tiny thing too so I felt compelled to measure her. Turns out, she's 8-1/2 inches long, and with the end of the ruler on the floor, and the middle of her body against it, she's a huge 4 inches tall!  I thought I'd share a few pics.

Isa napping.

Our Boston Terrier Daisy seemed to like Isa.
Our Mini Schnauzer Sally didn't want 
anything to do with her. She kept her distance.

They were cute together.
Checking each other out.
Reminded me of mother & daughter.

We painted pumpkins on canvas.

Triston and I made Happy Halloween Houses.
Triston's place is on the right and mine is left.
If you're about 3/4" of an inch tall, you
might want to drop by our little haunts!

Tootaloo Y'all!

October 12, 2011

Some Enchanted Evening

The song title, "Some Enchanted Evening" leaped into my my mind the second I asked myself what I should name this 9x12 art quilt.  It's a canvas painted with acrylic paints (some metallic), and the flower stems are Mizuhiki.  The pink garden ground and all the petals are Angelina fibers adhered with Misty Fuse. For the centers of the larger flower trees (I like to call them "flowerees"), shredded party paper was used.  Regular and metallic threads further embellish the flowers and stems.

Between the glare from the Angelina fibers, the metallic paints and threads, and the black background, it is a rather shiny piece.  I had a difficult time trying to remove the glare when photographing it, and eventually I came up with this pic.  It's not great but definitely better than others.

I also tried to remove the background using the directions in the Photoshop Elements 8 for Dummies but apparently this Dummy did not go about it the right way because it took forever and you can still see the background!  Using that tiny little crosshair eraser was very nerve racking too!  I think there's a way to designate the background as a layer and then delete it instead of trying to erase it manually but this must be in the "Photoshop Elements 8 for REALLY, REALLY STUPID People" book, and wouldn't you know it, I don't have that book!

Joyful Creations to You,

October 5, 2011

Cute Organizer Box

I was wandering through Office Depot and saw this colorful, cute little box full of circles on a sale table for $7.00.  I had to have it for my desk!