February 9, 2015

Forgotten UFO

Do you have UFO's?  I think many quilters do.  

I dug through a few the other day 
and found these four house blocks.
I'd completely forgotten about them.

These four quilt blocs were supposed to be part of a quilt sporting 12 house blocks, one for each month of the year. These four blocks represent January thru April. I can clearly see that I didn't even finish the April block before putting the project to the side. You can tell which block is which month, can't you? 

I'm pretty sure that this quilt was on an episode of Simply Quilts about 10 years ago or more. It was when I first started quilting and it seems like I printed out the directions from the internet. If so, they're probably long gone by now. It's highly likely that I tossed them into the trash during a cleaning frenzy and that's fine by me.  

I can see that I've changed a lot since then! If I started this quilt today, it would be more colorful. I also see a lot of things, I'd like to change and embellish. I will certainly do that if and when I finish it. For now, it goes back into the UFO pile. I suspect it's going to linger in my mind though because it would be fun to complete.  

Tootles for now,

February 6, 2015

Label Complete

I can't believe that I've been absent from this blog for over two months.  Wow!   Between the holidays and other events, time has flown by.  I'm back though.

In my last post, back in November (the olden days), I posted the whale-themed crib quilt that I made with hubby's assistance for the our new grandbaby Nicolas.  The post is here.  We were waiting for Nicolas to arrive so we could attach a label and guess what?  

He's here and he's a true cutie!

The label is attached too.

We'll deliver the quilt early tomorrow morning.

I hope he enjoys it and it keeps him warm!


November 5, 2014

A Quilt for Our Grand Baby!

We are expecting another grandchild February 1st.  It's a boy and his name will be Nicolas!  Woo-hoo!

He needs a baby quilt, don't you think?

Since the theme for his room is whales,  
the quilt needs whale fabric and this is it!

It'll be a simple four-patch quilt. 

And a crib size.

Here is the layout (without the borders) 
sticking to the design closet.
Many quilters have design walls. 
I don't have the wall space so I use a closet.
For now.

It's sewn together and...

here's the finished quilt.

I didn't want to practice my quilting skills on this special quilt so I had it professionally quilted at the Minding My P's & Q's Quilt Shop in Denton.  I thought waves would be appropriate for whales so I requested waves.

Here's a close up of the waves. 
I hope you can see them. 
George and I love the waves!

We gave it to Josh & Sheri at the shower on Sunday.
They liked it too!

We brought it back home with us because it needs one more thing.  As soon as Nicolas is born, we will add a label which, amongst other things, will include Nicolas' birthdate.

George contributed to making the quilt too.  Cutting and sewing was my department and he helped with the fabric search, measurements, laying it out, and pinning.  It was a labor of love for both of us and fun to make!  

Tootles for now,

October 24, 2014

A Four-Patch WIP

I've been working on another quilt.
Like the title reveals, it's a four-patch
That hanging thread near 
the bottom is bugging me.

That's all for now.
 I will post the completed quilt soon.


October 7, 2014

Rail Fence Quilt~~~~Finished!

I finally finished this rail fence quilt!  It's far, far, far from perfect but I am thrilled with it!

I threw caution to the wind and went for it.  
I learned some things along the way too.
That's always a good thing!  

For instance, I should have used a walking foot to stitch in the ditch. I was told that over 12 years ago when I took the class that started this quilt.

Twelve years! 
No wonder I forgot. 

Sometimes I can't remember
 what I did yesterday, 
let alone 12 years ago! 

That also explains why I was stitching 
in, out, over, underaround, & along side 
the ditch at times! 

I was just about to start on the binding when a bright lightbulb flashed on!
You should of used a walking foot woman...
I'm glad I remembered.
I will do so in the future. 

Not the best picture but 
I wanted a photo outdoors.
Note to self:  
Work on taking better outdoor pics.

This really inspires me to get started on another quilt immediately.  I have a plan which I cannot write about yet but I'm going shopping for fabric ASAP.

I am so excited!
Thanks for visiting.

Have yourself a Jolly Good Creative Day All!

September 19, 2014

Thread, Quilting, & The Great, Cute and Easy, Table Runner Sighting!

See this thread?
As you can tell, it's running low. 
I looked for more but could not find it anywhere.  
Not even on the internet.  
I searched for the brand.
I searched for the color 
I got nothin'!

There's more than one way to *skin a cat though so I decided to try and match it as closely as possible.  

*Please note that no cats were harmed in the writing of this blog!  I do not, nor will I ever, skin a cat.  Or dog.  Or anything else for that matter.  Okay, maybe store bought chicken but that's it!

Anyhow, here's my thread choice.
Not a bad match, huh?
It's my very favorite thread too, Coats & Clark machine embroidery thread.  I'd much rather use this thread so I'm happy that I couldn't find the other.  

The thread is necessary for me to finish quilting this 12 year old UFO. I worked on it recently until the thread issue.
The thread doesn't look like it matches, does it?
It matches though.  
Tone down the thread color in your mind.
 Tone up the quilt color in your mind.
You got a match.

This is the biggest thing I've ever quilted 
and I'm attempting to stitch in the ditch.
Although, in my case, its more like 
stitch in the ditch, 
over the ditch, 
around the ditch, 
and along the side of the ditch!

Nevertheless, I'll love it when it's finished, and hopefully, that'll be soon.

When seeking the quilting thread yesterday, I stopped in the Minding My P's & Q's Quilt Shop in Denton.  

It is the locale of The Great, Cute and Easy, Table Runner Sighting!  Please don't be alarmed if you've never heard of that day in history.

It just occurred yesterday.

I was browsing around when suddenly, my eyes were delighted by a table runner that  looked like a very simple project.  My friendly sales gal, Teresa, confirmed it by telling me that it's called a 10-minute table runner.  She added that the pattern is free and then made me a copy.  Woo-hoo!  Very nice of her! 

The table runner consists of two fabrics and two buttons.  It's my next project.

I had been taking a mental inventory of the tables around the house just the day before The Great, Cute and Easy, Table Runner Sighting.  I concluded that the current table runners really needed to go.  I knew that I wanted to make something simple, and then lo and behold, The Sighting!

For my first table runner, 
I purchased these fabrics to 
make a Halloween themed baby.
 I'll make more than one but 
I'll decide on those fabrics later.

I also bought these fat quarters 
because... well, they're pretty and fun.
The text fabric is awesome!  
I'm a sucker for text.  
I love the batik too.  

Of course, they won't go in the same project!  

And finally, these two little fabric rolls 
were sitting in a bin by the register.  
I heard them calling my name so...  
 In the stash they go!

Have a glorious day my friends!

August 29, 2014

Before, After, and Now

My studio was in a pitiful state 
recently so it was time to tidy up. 

The painting/collage/journaling corner.
 I intended to redo the coffee table near the dog crate but my muse took a detour so I tossed it in the trash which made hubby very happy!

We all know that it won't stay this way 
but it's ready for the next time I paint.

I have storage all over but 
this is a handy supply corner.
I sometimes do journaling here too.

This clean corner makes 
my heart go pitter patter!
I bought fabric to cover the underneath area but, 
as you can see, I haven't tackled that project yet!

The sewing table and surrounding storage.

Oh the joy!
 I'm getting ready to quilt this rail fence quilt.
It's the first quilt I ever attempted to make, 
and that was about 12 years ago!

Being new to quilting at the time, I was extremely cautious about quilting it.  I was afraid I'd mess it up.  I studied it, overthought it, stared at it, and I could never quite make myself quilt it.  Then, in a cleaning frenzy one day, I stashed it away and it's been there all these years.  

With fall fast approaching, it occurred to me that I would like to use it.  All my fears about the quilting have dissipated now so I dug into my tub of UFO's and pulled it out. 

The colors are much milder than the
ones I choose these days but I like them.

I plan to stitch in the ditch.

Tootles All,

P.S.  In the UFO tub, I also found a couple other quilts that I started back then.  I even forgot about one of them!  I'll be sharing those with you sometime down the road.