July 15, 2017

Quilt Collector

Awhile back, my kind friend Faye 
gave me this cool sign photo. 
Thank you Faye.
I love it!
Since then, it's been on a shelf 
next to my sewing machine.
Recently, however,
I got a hankerin' to frame it.

So what do you do when 
you get a frame hankerin'?
Go for it!

I have a closet full of frames so I 
dug into it and came out with this one.
Did you notice how 
I gussied up this frame pic?

It was done with a peek at the numbers on 
my cutting mat (left) as well as a reflection
of my hand and phone taking the pic!

Yeah, I planned that!

The frame needed some extra gussying up 
so I added a black coat of acrylic paint.

it needed more!

You'll have to trust me on that because I
forgot to take a photo of it in all it's dullness.
It made me yawn.

I was happy to quickly settle on 
painting stitches around the frame's edges
 to mimic the stitches in the text!

The painted stitches look like hand stitching 
which brings a smile to my face, and I'm sure 
I would have a skip in my step as well
if I was standing up right now.

I decided to hang it above the 
peg board in my sewing studio
where I will admire it forevermore.
That is, unless we move, 
then I'll admire it somewhere else.
I apologize for the poor pic above.
Perhaps I was skipping when I took it.

Okay, I think I'll skip off now.
For real.
See ya soon.

Warm Blessings & Big Hugs,

July 6, 2017

Teresa Cash & Me

My blogland friend, Artist, Teresa Cash, was in need of smile photos for a project she was working on, aptly named The Smile Project. 

The project is about honoring the value and importance of a smile. Of course, since my other blog is titled "Smiles For Many Miles," you might know that Teresa and I are on the same page--smiles have value and are quite important!

I contributed this pic.

This is the drawing she created from it! 
I think she did a fabulous job, don't you? 
Thank you Teresa!

Her blog states that she's still looking to draw more smiles so if you'd like to send her a pic here's the link: 

Teresa also paints some really cool stuff so there's a good chance you might find some fun eye candy while you're there. I love her work!

I'm painting some odds and ends 
stuff so see ya soon.

Warm Blessings & Big Hugs,

March 26, 2017


My CREATIVE GET UP AND GO done got up and went! Perhaps I should file a police report. I'm not sure if it ran way or was kidnapped! All I know for sure is that it is missing! 

I thought blogging might be a good way to entice it to return so I looked around for something to blog about.

At first glance, I spotted this cute little vintage travel trailer hanging on one of my studio shelves. I bought it at Kirkland's to hang outside our RV but wanted to add a bit of us (hubby and I) to it. So far, I embellished it with the orange, polka dotted buttons but it needs more. The boring brown wheel definitely needs some life and some other areas could use spiffing up too. Perhaps our name should be on it somewhere as well.   

I will complete this in the near future.


Next, I saw these quilt patterns and directions laying on my table. I stumbled on them recently while cleaning out a drawer in the studio. 

 (Sorry the pic isn't better!)

The dogs on the top row are adorable Amy Bradley quilt blocks from the series "Dazzling Dogs." I purchased them at a quilt store closing sale many years ago. I really want to make that quilt but I must say it's not a priority right now. Maybe one day.

I've had the Quilters Angel pattern (bottom left) about as long as I've had the dog patterns! Next to that are "On the Road" mug rug directions which I printed off the Craftsy site not too long ago. Those need to be in the RV soon!  

The Hen House pattern was purchased at JoAnn's a few years back. I hope to hang it in the kitchen one day. The actual quilt--not the pattern--but throwing the pattern up there might be a start! 

The Dwellings pattern was purchased at the International Quilt Festival in Houston in 2015. I love it, and as much as I would like to make it soon, I don't see it happening. Nevertheless, maybe I can get to it before too long.

As a result of this post, I think that maybe, just maybe, my CREATIVE GET UP AND GO will be returning.  

always stay right where you want it!
(And if you see mine, please send it home.)

January 10, 2017

Practice, Cactus and Canine Fellas

I've been practicing the Chunky Versals I recently learned in Martha Lever's online class.

Hubby's name
I need more practice!
If you don't think so, zoom in!

No matter what, this is great fun,
 and Martha is a joy to learn from! 
Created with Pencil, Sharpies, Twinkling H2O's and a Pitt Pen.


My friend Faye gave me this lovely 
Christmas Cactus in December 2015.

It wasn't blooming then.
But it is now!
I'd say it's a bloomin' beauty!
Wouldn't you?


These two fellas were in
trouble yesterday!
I forgot to put the trash up when I left.
Always enticing pork chop bones were inside.
Need I say more...


See you soon.

May Your Day Be Blessed With Creativity,

January 3, 2017

Happenings Around Here This Year (or in January)

Happy New Year to all you creative sisters (and brothers) out there in blogland! 

I'm starting off 2017 by taking Martha Lever's online Chunky Versals class which is offered on the Creative Workshops website. It starts tomorrow and I'm very much looking forward to it!

I love this colorful stuff!

I've followed Martha's blog for many years and I took her Calligra-Fun class a few years back. It's fair to say that I'm a big Martha Lever fan! 


I will also be starting off the year 
by finishing up these two UFO's.


In addition, I've joined in on Beth Moore's SSMT (Siesta Scripture Memory Team) which will help me memorize 24 scriptures in 12 months. I love this opportunity because it sounds like a great method for learning scripture! 

Anyone can start at any time. Basically, you go to Beth's Living Proof Ministries blog on the 1st and 15th of each month, and comment with your name, city, state, the verse you have chosen to memorize, and the Bible translation from which you took the scripture. 

I started out on 1/1 with: 

Donna, Krugerville, TX, 1 Timothy 2:1-2 

Therefore I exhort first of all that supplications, prayers, intercession, and giving of thanks be made for all men, for kings and all who are in authority, that we may lead a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence. NKJV 

I stumbled on these two scriptures while looking up some completely unrelated scriptures, and immediately knew they were perfect to start with since our new president will soon be inaugurated. I chose it because of the importance of lifting our government up in prayer, as well as the governments of other countries, especially Israel.  


This year, I'll be posting a poll on my blog every two weeks. If you get this through a blog reader or email, you can click here to go to the blog. The poll is at the top, right.


I am currently in Jigsaw Puzzle season. 
Isn't everybody?

It commences right after Christmas and CAN go through February when it's cold outside and cozy inside, although I doubt it will be that long this year because I have other things I want to do as you can tell. 

Elmer enjoys Jigsaw Puzzle season.

He stands on the chair...

...and rests his head on the table all the 
while looking out the window for squirrels!
He's a hoot!!!

It was funny and very cute until he tried to jump on the table in the middle of the puzzle! Fortunately, I was able to stop him the second he began to jump. Thankfully, there was little to no puzzle damage. Whew!

As for Mr. Chewy, he could care less!

See you soon!

May Your Day Be Merry, Creative and Bright,

December 6, 2016

The Super Duper "Not so Big" Rod Pocket Incident

These are utility room curtains in progress.

They're going in a west window so 
they needed to be lined in order to
survive the hot Texas summer sun.

Minus the lining, this is a very simple curtain.
Actually, even with the lining, they're simple.
For normal people.

Did you know projects like this require math?
Sure do.

Math and I do not get along.
Nor do I want to get along with it!

I decided after I made the top sleeve for the rod that it'd be nice to have some fabric sticking up above the rod. 

I knew that the sleeve I created was rather wide so I could merely stitch a line lengthwise through the middle of that sleeve to make two sections--one at the top for sticking up and one just below it for the rod.

Wouldn't that look quite spiffy?

With this in mind, I checked the rod box for the diameter which was 3/4 of an inch. I figured that since the sleeve was rather big and the rod a mere 3/4 of an inch, I could make the rod sleeve/pocket about 1-1/4 inches and that would leave a sufficient amount sticking up at the top.

No measuring and/or math required.
After creating the lovely little rod pocket, 
I discovered that it was exactly that! 

as in

Hubby advised me that I should have measured around the rod because the fabric takes up space when it wraps around it.


What am I?

I just wanted this to be over so I decided to forget the "sticking up" fabric that my heart so desired

Instead, I'd just rip that line of stitching out and let these curtains hang from the top!

Hi Ho, Hi Ho,
off to seam rip I go!

Later, I needed more of hubby's math help but I'll skip the details of that mini adventure. 

You're welcome!

After lots of stress and fretting, 
the curtains were complete! 

I blissfully inserted one of the curtain 
panels onto the smaller end of the rod.

Though it was a bit snug, it worked.
Great Joy!

Then, the other panel on the larger end of rod.
Snug indeed but it worked too.
Delight consumed me!
I attempted to insert one rod into the other.

I could barely slide the smaller side of the rod into the larger side because it made the curtains so BEYOND SNUG that they didn't want to budge!

Even after ripping out the lengthwise stitching line earlier to eliminate the "sticking up" part! I was certain that there was plenty of room in the "big" sleeve!

How could this be?
How could I be that far off?
Did a group of Sicko Sewing Thugs 
break in and altered them as we slept?

I decided to put the rod up in place and then try to slide them farther in until the entire rod reached the necessary length.

I wiggled and jiggled, pushed and pulled, moaned and groaned, and begged and pleaded until alas, success!

Now if I could just distribute the curtains evenly across the rod into their permanent resting place (for now), I would rejoice forevermore! 

Of course, they did not want to budge.

I employed various methods to slide those suckers:

Pliers were first up--Lots of yanking and tugging occurred but it did not move them.

With my knee in my chest and a foot on the wall for leverage, we awkwardly wrestled until I was red in the face and exhausted (which doesn't take much) but no dice!

Surely forceps would work on these babies but that was a bust too!

Finally, I carefully pinned one end of a rope to the curtains and attached the other end to the back of a pick-up truck.

Believe it or not, when I floored the pick-up, those curtains slid right across the rod!


I hope I don't ever have to open them!

I just noticed from the pic above, they're the 
exact same length as the cabinet to the right.

I couldn't have done that using math!

It's a happy accident!

All kidding aside, I enjoyed the sewing part of making these curtains but that only lasted a total of about 15 minutes or so (maybe). 

The figuring, measuring, cutting, and stressing took quite a few hours!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

Now I'm moving on to a small art quilt which doesn't involve stress or pick-up trucks!

Have a Blessed and Creative Day Y'all!

November 22, 2016

Table Love

I can't believe that it's been three months since I last posted but life has been happening and, unfortunately, creativity hasn't been a part of it. I am happy to say, however, that is changing!

For the moment, I wanted to share some delightful creativity with you. A new Chick-fil-A opened around the corner about five minutes from our house. 

"Yay," I say!

Aside from the tasty menu, the coolest farmhouse-style table rests in the midst of this wildly popular establishment.

It's a creamy white mixed with brown.

The texture felt smooth yet gently wavy 
when I brushed my hand across the top.

I am in love with this 
wonderfully-crafted delight!
The brown section wrapped around the 
corner of the table (just below the top) 
ihammered metal, an embellishment 
that adds to the charm.

The tag below is on both ends of the table.

In case you can't read it, it says:

This table was built by artisans from A Better Way Ministries. The materials used were salvaged from unwanted and abandoned homes. The hands that built it belong to a person who also once felt unwanted and abandoned. Love, compassion and grace are powerful tools. www.abetterwayministires.com

You can click the link below 
to visit the ministry's site:

A Better Way Ministries

May your Thanksgiving table be blessed with family, love, and lots of good eats!