January 15, 2018

Day 8~Fruit of the Spirit

2018 Creative Jumpstart

Artist Diana Trout taught the Day 8 workshop titled, Spice of Life. In the video, she demoed how to paint a very cool watercolor journal page. 

I loved this project and 
I love my journal page!
Working on it was pure joy!
I'm delighted with the texture on the page. 
(I'm not sure if you can see it though.) 

I always enjoy the look of Twinkling H2O's so I used blue on the background. I also dabbed and a few other colors here and there to highlight. 

I was never really sure if I preferred watercolor or acrylics but I always seemed to lean toward watercolor, probably because it's so deliciously vibrant. As a result of this project though, the uncertainty has vanished! Watercolor has completely won me over! I see lots more of it in my future. 

Thank you Diana for your helpful instruction and for introducing me to the Watercolor Light Dimensional stuff! It's fluffy texture reminds me of marshmallow creme. I don't think I want to do a taste test comparison though!

On to Day 9. 

Tootles Y'all,

January 13, 2018

Day 7~Monoprinting

2018 Creative Jumpstart

The Day 7 workshop, A Recipe For Color and Resist, was led by Rae Missigman.

I started out this project with a brand, spankin' new Gelli plate. I know because I ordered it from Amazon, and I watched the UPS guy spank it as he traipsed across the lawn! He's detail-oriented. Really, where did we get that expression?

After I ordered, I realized that I didn't order the wax-resist crayons that Rae used in her video so I decided to use Elmer's gel glue since I'd seen it used as a resist in the past. 

For the paper, I used Neenah, smooth finish, super heavyweight (110 lb.) copy paper. This decision was based on the fact that, well.. it was just sitting there, looking at me, screaming to be rubbed in paint.

The first print didn't turn out very well. I scribbled horizontally and you can't see much of it. Also, the yellow paint insisted on merging with the purple to create a potpourri of browns. (I forgot to clean my brayer off between colors.) I tried to fix it by adding more yellow to the plate, and it did brighten the browns, however, I ended up with too much paint on the plate which is probably the reason the print didn't turn out.

Here it is.

I didn't do a ghost print for this one.

For the next one, I tried blue
 Hampton Art Studio G glitter glue. 
It turned out better.

The ghost print is rather dull though.

I used Elmer's pink glitter 
glue for the final print.
I love this one!

For the ghost print, I used regular 
copy paper and I really like the result.
I'm guessing that the heavyweight paper
was too thick to get a good ghost print.

Monoprinting is a lot of fun and I look forward to doing more. I will be ordering the wax-resist sticks and a couple of brayers while I'm at it. 

NOTE~I had to know where the expression "brand spankin' new" originated so I Googled it. Well, my friend, think babies! As you know, they're new upon delivery and years ago, the doctors (or nurses) spanked them to clear the lungs. Hah! Who knew? 

The term has been around since the mid seventeenth century though. As you might expect, there are other "alleged" (lol) origins which means nobody really knows. In any event, you can read more by clicking here or the link above. I just happen to like the baby origin. 

Have a wonderfully creative day,
and I'll see you soon with Day 8.

Tootles Y'all,

January 9, 2018

Day 6~Tangled But Not Zen

Andrew's Soupmaking Hodgepodge Style was the name of our Day 6 workshop  taught by Andrew Borloz, and it was very cool! 

I had to wing it for some of this project because I didn't have a few of the necessary supplies like Easy Tack spray (I substituted low tack tape), the necessary pens (I used Sharpie fine points), and stencils with a design that was close together and repetitive (the designs on mine were farther apart for the most part but I tried to fill in areas to make them seem closer). The saying, "fake it till ya make it" truly applies here.

Here is my project: Tangled But Not Zen
The piece reminded me of zentangle art.
Thus, the name.

Because I didn't have the right kind of stencils, the various areas were not distinct so I drew lines to divide them up. I used a wavy ruler too which was neat and if I'd had the proper stencils to accompany it, I think it would have looked pretty cool. Nevertheless, I totally enjoyed this project! In fact, I'm learning all kinds of great things in this class!

I'm waiting on some supplies from Amazon and about to order more. This little break gives me a chance to reorganize my painting area (Yahoo!), and boy does it need it. Also, it's an opportunity to once again try the Day 4 lesson that I jumped over.

See ya soon.

January 7, 2018

Day 4~Jump Over &
Day 5~Do You See What I Hear?

The Day 4 class by Michelle Ward was titled, Let's Have Take Out. For me, it was a much needed lesson in softening the look of a background and I loved it! Unfortunately, my end result did NOT look like Michelle's page! Not even close. I had ZERO success.

I am not giving up though. Oh no, no, no! I will keep working at it as opportunities arise in this class and beyond because I want to get it! For the moment, however, I'm moving on to Day 5.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The Day 5 instructor was Michelle Rydell and her project was named, 7-Step Journal Page Recipe. I had a good time working on this project!

Here it is.
Do You See What I Hear?
(Ignore the ugly, muddy color surrounding the piece. 
I scotch taped it to my quilting design wall to flatten it.  
Actually, it's not a wall at all. It's white felt-like fabric hanging over a door!)

I followed Michelle's 7-step recipe pretty closely but I used a few additional supplies. 

It took a long time to find magazine pics (words were easy) because 99.9% of the magazines around here (not counting hubby's) are instructional ones that I subscribe to so I don't want to cut into them. I finally found a couple of miscellaneous magazines hidden amongst the rest and a few circulars from the mail. YAY! 

I really had fun with the dots, probably because I love dots. Adding them at the end of the process really perked up the page too! Note that a white dot is missing from inside something. I just discovered it. 

Can you find it? 

I guess it's my version of Where's Waldo, only let's call it--Where's the Missing Dotto?

Now on to Day 6, taught by Andrew Borloz. It looks very cool!

Tootles Y'all,

January 5, 2018

Day 3~Home on Joy Lane

Carolyn Dube, our Day 3 instructor, led me on an entertaining journey with this project. 

I call it
Home on Joy Lane

The substrate was a canvas which is just as much fun to sew on as journal pages. Would you believe the windows were tastefully built out of a rice box and the backside of a Ghiradelli chocolate wrapper? Yep, it's true. That's one of the fun parts of mixed media--you can sometimes eat the contents of your art supply packages! It would be a mighty delicious day if I were building a city full of skyscrapers.  

It did take me a little while to get into the groove though. In the end, however, I achieved the color and whimsey I love! Home on Joy Lane makes me smile.  

I really loved Carolyn too! Not only was she cheerful and fun but it looks like she loves color and shine as much as I do!   

Off to do Day 4.
Yeah, I'm behind 
(and there's a good chance I'll stay that way) 
but I'm enjoying the journey!


Day 2~Further Embellished

I previously posted the Day 2 project, Ms. Bird's Eye View, which was taught by Tina Walker but after sleeping on it, I decided that Ms. Bird's Eye needed further embellishment. 

This is the "Before" Ms. Bird's Eye.

This is the "After."
She's been adorned with yarn feathers 
and a yarn necklace which made her so 
jubilant that she added another "Chirp!"

Here's her close up.
She relishes in the attention!
I'm not thrilled with the background 
but I'm very pleased with Ms. Bird's Eye.

I love couching STUFF down, especially yarns.
This was too much fun!

Day 3 is done as well, and I'll post it very soon.

Chirp! Chirp! Chirp!

January 3, 2018

Day 2~Ms. Bird's Eye View

Tina Walker was the creative instructor for day 2 of the Creative Jumpstart class. This mixed media piece, Bird's Eye View, is my project. 

I really enjoyed digging into this one! 
Adding fabric and yarn to the journal page, 
and sewing on it was a blast!

See you soon with Day 3.  

Chirp! Chirp!